Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Fall time

 So there has been a lot of this going on around here.  It's fall time.  That means Falling asleep, Falling in love, Falling leaves, Falling.  Just plain falling.  I  do that sometimes.  I fall, because I'm clumsy and that's all.  We've been spending more time inside since we got this cold snap going on so we've had to think of creative ways to spend our time inside.  Sometimes our creativity just poops out and we fall asleep.  That's my favorite.

David always has more energy so he uses his creativity to play cowboys with Hyrum.  Those are some Baaaad boys. 
Happy Halloween everyone and Happy Election season!  Get out there and VOTE!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back Home

We said goodbye to David's sister Becky Patterson last week.  Becky past away last Saturday, September 15th after a 2 year battle with leukemia. We were able to take a week off of work and life to go to Utah last week to spend time with David's family and attend Becky's funeral.  Our heart's ache for Becky's wonderful and steadfast husband Garon and her three beautiful children.  They will fare the worst in this story but we are grateful for Becky and the wonderful life she lived.  We will miss her laugh and blushing at her frequent off-color jokes.   David was able to give a really great talk at her funeral and  the spirit we felt was so strong.  I am so grateful for the gospel perspective we have.  For the atonement of Jesus Christ, and for temples and the opportunity the we have to be with our families forever.  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer 2012

 Summers are for riding bikes, playing in the mud, enjoying the outdoors, and playing with friends, and that's exactly what we did this summer.
 The kids learned to ride their bikes without training wheels!
 We got dirty in the mud and dirt while we were camping at our family reunion.  We also played hard with our Adams family and had tons of fun and I got about 2 picture of the whole thing so if anyone has any more, let me know.
 We ate a lot of fresh veggies and berries from out garden and they were so delicious!
 We went to Wilson Springs Pond a lot and fed the ducks. 
We ran and played and got sunburned and swam and visited family and worked and went to bed late and ate popscicles and ice cream way more than was good for us.  I guess you could say it's been a good summer, You can't ask for more than all of the wonderful things that we got to do.  I love fall but I do hate saying goodbye to summer, I love the warm days and the flowers, the fresh food and the smell of a freshly mowed lawn, the sound of crickets singing at night, and eating lots of ice cream.  I guess  if I ever get lonely for summertime, I'll just break out a half gallon of Dreyer's and eat my cares away.    It just might be a great Autumn after all. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Just a few random things we've been up to. 
Goofy boy

We decided to try to go up to Silver Creek  a couple a weeks ago on a Saturday.  The weather was beautiful and warm and it smelled so good up in the mountains.  However, we didn't make it to Silver Creek because the roads were too snowy.  It didn't dampen our spirits though, we got out and walked around for a while, played in the snow and then warmed up in the nice, warm sun. 

Some nice people took a  picture for us when we stopped at Kit's Diner in Horseshoe Bend.  It's a quaint little cafe right on the Payetter river.  Super cute, but don't get their pizza.

Easter birthdays

Clare's birthday this year was the friday before easter so we combined two of my favorite things, easter and Clare to have an easter birthday celebration at Carla's house.  Shelby and Adam hid eggs for the kids.  They had a blast finding them and as a bonus, they also found a baby bunny!  Well, actually the cats found the bunny and we rescued it.
Getting ready to hunt easter eggs with the hunters and hiders. 

filling their baskets

Counting up the loot.

He just wanted a little taste, it looked so good, and it didn't mess up the cake too bad!  Poor little Carson sampled the cake before we had a chance to stop him. He was pretty sad when he got caught.

Clare the birthday girl.  Love this little girl who is getting so big.  I wish she could stay like this forever.